The Eurosceptics’ Moment

Dr Helen Parr, Senior Lecturer in International Relations is a co-winner of the 2016 Hennessy Prize for essay writing on British politics, awarded by the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary, University of London. Helen shares this prize with Professor Thomas Osborne of University of Bristol.

Dr. Parr’s essay, ‘The Eurosceptics’ moment’, argues that membership of the EEC/EU was at the core of Britain’s national life, and that therefore the process of Brexit will have negative impacts. Because of this, it is time for Eurosceptics who were vocal during the referendum to step up to the responsibility that came with their victory in order to maintain the integrity of the British values central to their campaign.

The Hennessy Prize is named in honour of the crossbench peer and constitutional historian Lord Hennessy It is an open competition awarded to the best essay concerning British politics submitted by a British academic. The prize is funded by the Committee of University Chairs and will be awarded by Lord Hennessy at a reception at the House of Lords. The Mile End Institute connects research, policy-making and public debate to deepen and challenge the understanding of British politics, governance and public policy.

Dr. Parr’s essay was published on the Mile End Institute blog and will be published online by Prospect Magazine. The full essay can be accessed here:


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